Welcome to SexyFlexi.com

Welcome to SexyFLexi.com - the flexing site with a unique "twist", i.e. our models flex their bodies in some unique locations while getting wet or very messy and underwater too. Watch our models performing in spandex, lycra, leggings, leotards, speedos, pantyhose, heels or sneakers, upskirt scenes - or just plain naked in their birthday suits. Many scenes are x rated and feature dildo playtoys too.


Latest Download Store Updates
Aqua Girl Wetlook Flexing
HD 720 clip. Aqua Workout with Charity.
Drench a Wench - pt 1
HD 720 clip. Drench a Wench - with Katie and Melanie.
Drench a Wench pt 2 - Underwater games
HD 720 clip. Katie and Melanie play games in the pool.
Flexing: Ringmistress
HD 720 clip. Ringmistress Nikki in a sexy wet workout.
Breaking the Habit:
HD 720 clip. Stefania and Michelle as sexy nuns playing in the pool.
Flexing: Pure White
HD 720 clip. New models Stefania and Michelle meet veteran star Nikki.
Elvira Wetlook
HD 720 clip. JC Simpson dresses up as Elvira.
Fashionably Wet
HD 720 clip. Chi Chi and Chantelle wet their matching fashion dresses.